Signs You Have Picked the Wrong People to Paint Your Office Space

You were bored of the same old, stale, and dull colors on your office walls and decided you needed to freshen things up a bit. You did the calculation, performed some research, and found the company that agreed to do the work within your budget. You continue to wonder for hours how they could agree to provide you with the paint work at such a low price.

It’s great that you were able to hire painters within the budget you had set, but are you sure they are the right commercial painters in Sheffield you should have hired? Let’s take a look at some signs that should prove you have agreed to pay the wrong people for painting your office space.

  • They just listened to you over the phone and gave you quote of how much they were going to charge you for the complete job.

  • They never asked you what materials you needed and what type of paint you wanted on the walls (they already have a stock of low-priced cheap paint in their warehouse ready for such jobs).

  • They are giving you unclear answers or completely ignoring all your questions about the training of their employees, their licensing status, and the fact whether their workers are insured or not.

  • The very first day of their work they arrived late and stayed working late too. This means they are going to disturb your daily office work for several days to come.

  • They have some lousy answer ready for you every time you question the quality of their work on a certain section of the office wall.

If you have noticed these signs at an early stage, it is best that you stop them as soon as possible. Let the right professionals complete the job because you will thank them for years to come.