How Berber carpets are made?

The manufacturing process is something that should be considered when you are looking for the best quality item. What makes an item more expensive than others?

Let’s start with the Berber Rug

The name Berber, in the world rug industry, is as well-known as Cartier or Rolex. What is it that these names share? What makes them special? The skill and quality of the craftsmanship, the most exquisite materials used, as well as the passion, pride, or soul of those creating virtual “works-of-art” are what make them stand out.

Berber Rugs Are More than Just a Name

Berber floor mats are a term used to refer to all tribes in Morocco. However, each tribe owns its own name. This means two things. Berber Rugs can have many different names. Although the principles are the same, not all Berber Rugs are made the same.

Berbers Rugs Are Handwoven Using a Certain Type of Wool

Berber rugs made with wool from Atlas Mountains sheep are hand-woven. Their wool creates a thick, dense blanket of wool that protects them against the cold temperatures of winter. Berber sheep wool is white or dark brown (dark). The majority of Berber sheep wool colors are natural plant dyes.

The type of rug will vary in thickness depending upon the tribe from which they were made.

Berber mats are one of our most popular floor mats. What are Berber carpets, and what makes them so popular for commercial and residential use?

What is Berber?

Berber is a type of carpet or matting that is light in color and has flecks that are darker (usually browns or grays). The loop pile attaches directly to the backing and does not need to be cut. Berber mats have been named after the Berber culture of North Africa.

The surface of any Berber carpet is what will define it. The surface of any Berber mat will be obvious if you take a closer look. This is because it contains finely woven, polypropylene yarns that are both high-density as well as compression resistant.

Why is Berber Mats so Popular?

Berber tiles or mats perform well indoors and out, and they come in a wide range of attractive colors. Berber tiles and Berber mats are functionally and visually appealing. Berber carpets can be found everywhere, from 5-star hotels to shipping companies, and in a variety of commercial buildings.

Berber mats make winter easier by effectively scraping dirt, debris, snow, and ice off the bottoms. You can prevent dirt, debris, water, and snow from tracking throughout your business.

  • It protects your floors against water damage and debris.
  • It saves your employees time and effort in cleaning up the mess.
  • It makes your company look better. A clean and professional business environment is more professional than one that’s messy.
  • It makes your business safer. For customers as well as employees, slippery floors can pose a serious hazard.

Our Berber ultimate mats have been the most popular product in our company’s history. The Berber Series comprises Berber Entrance Mats, Berber Recessed Mats, and Berber Log Mats. These mats allow you to brand and personalize your company’s logo and insignia directly into the matting surface.